Who We Are                                                                                          

Welcome to Reishore, 


We're dedicated to providing our customers the very best of recycled apparel and products, with an additional focus on providing an opportunity to earn a paycheck for those struggling with employment, provide resources for sustainable lifestyles to those we employ, and to help clean our Oceans and Shores.


Our creation was a by product of 2020 (Yes...we are as excited as you that 2020 is in the rearview). We were able to see first hand how lives can change in an instant, and how sometimes government programs are not the answer we all wish they would be. We wish to be able to make an impact in the Southern California community (and even further in the future) by providing opportunities and sustainability to those who may need it the most, and cleaning our shores and oceans at the same time.


At our core we are a recycled apparel company (We know...another T-Shirt Company?!), but we pride ourselves on being so much more. We strive to be a brand that means more than just a logo and eco-friendly mindset. We strive to be a brand that creates impact and invokes change within our communities.


We hope you enjoy our products and our goals of impact as much as we enjoy creating and offering them to you. 


If you have any questions or comments, please don't hesitate to contact us. We are looking forward to the feedback!


                                                                                    What We Plan To Do

Our business was created to accomplish two things:

1. Create a way for those struggling with employment with a way to earn a paycheck to provide for themselves or thier families; and the resources to find sustainable employment

2. Help clean our Oceans, Beautiful Beaches, and Shores

In order to really create the impact that we wish to have we have needed to create a model that allows us the funds to do so. Below are some of the points on how we plan on operating and accomplishing our goals. 

- Setting up a material acceptance program with our manufacturers and suppliers to accept the recyclable materials that we obtain from our clean up efforts. These materials will be directly turned into the very products that we sell to our customers. This could potentially lower our product costs; while allowing us to focus more of our funding towards our employees and the resources needed to fund the programs. 

- Employing those who are struggling with employment for a two week period so a paycheck can be earned. After the two week period the employee would begin work with our dedicated Career Services employee that will help develop a personal resume and get the employee in touch with recruiters that are looking for individuals with those skills or talents. 

We hope by the end of 2021 that we can use the profits from our apparel sales and other recycled products that we have in the works to funds these initiatives within our business model. We have decided to pursue a for-profit business model so we do not have to depend on the government for non-profit grants. 

We have very big goals at Reishore and they will be difficult to acheive there is no way around that, but we are confident in our plan to accomplish these goals. 

We are excited to work our way to accomplishing these goals all while being transparent with our customers and supporters as to how we are doing things.