Hey Everyone,

We have an announcement that we could not be more excited about. 

We have become members of 1% for the Planet. What is 1% for the Planet you ask?

1% for the the Planet is a program that allows businesses like us to connect and give back to non-profits that create and provide environmental solutions to the climate issues we are facing today.

We all know that accomplishing the mission that we want to accomplish takes a team. This isn't a one person job, or even one business job for that matter. We need a massive team of businesses that all are willing to collaborate and work towards the same goal. 1% for the Planet aligns us with businesses with that same goal. 

With this membership we are committing at least 1% of our gross sales to be donated to approved non-profits. This allows us to practice what we preach. On top of the plastics we use in our products we will continue to donate to the causes that we can to help conservation efforts. 

We have some amazing plans and ideas on how we are doing to donate to some of these organizations. 

Stay tuned for more information and we thank everyone for their support!